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Design In Bloom: Exploring Floral Design

Floral design has deep roots, stretching back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, where flowers were revered for their symbolism and beauty. Over time, this art form evolved through the Renaissance, Victorian era, and into the modern age, blending tradition with innovation.

Andrew Parravano holding one of his beautiful desings
Andrew Parravano

In today’s modern world, floral arrangements are more than just decorative accents; they are integral components of contemporary design. With their ability to evoke emotions, set moods, and convey messages, floral compositions play a significant role in shaping the aesthetic landscape of various environments. Floral arrangements in today’s design landscape are not just embellishments but essential components that contribute to creating immersive and visually compelling experiences.

At Flux, we cherish design in all of its forms, and our admiration for flowers knows no bounds. With Mothers Day just around the corner, what better time to revel in this passion than by spotlighting a selection of florists whom we find truly exceptional?

1. Andrew Parravano

Andrew Parravano’s work is a testament to his knowledge of form and color. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for experimentation, Parravano creates mesmerizing arrangements that captivate the senses and elevate any space.


Andrew Parravano bouquet: purple flowers design
Andrew Parravano

2. Banchet Jaigla

Banchet Jaigla’s designs are a harmonious fusion of nature and artistry. Inspired by her Thai heritage and a lifelong love affair with flowers, Jaigla’s creations exude elegance and grace, earning her acclaim from clients around the globe.


Banchet Jaigla working o one of her Floral designs
Banchet Jaigla


Inspired by large floral design by Banchet Jaigla
Banchet Jaigla

3. Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is a visionary in the world of event design, renowned for his extravagant floral installations and opulent celebrations. With a career spanning over four decades, Bailey’s work surpasses boundaries, transforming venues into enchanting wonderlands.

Preston Bailey large table top inspiratonal design
Preston Bailey


4. Coyote Flowers

Coyote Flowers is a collective of artists who defy convention with their avant-garde approach to floristry. Drawing inspiration from nature, music, and contemporary art, their unconventional creations challenge the status quo and redefine the possibilities of floral design.

Inspiring Coyote Flowers design soft heirloom flowers
Coyote Flowers


Coyote Flowers floral desgn on black
Coyote Flowers

5. Mary Lennox Flowers

Mary Lennox Flowers is synonymous with whimsy and charm. Specializing in garden-inspired arrangements, Lennox’s designs evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era, transporting clients to a world of enchantment and romance.

Mary Lennox Flowers alternative floral design
Mary Lennox Flowers


The artistry of Mary Lennox Flowers Design
Mary Lennox Flowers

6. Hattie Molloy

Hattie Molloy’s floral creations defy convention, seamlessly blending artistry with botanical finesse. With an adventurous spirit and deep respect for the essence of flowers, Molloy’s arrangements spark imagination and evoke wonder, encouraging observers to forge deeper connections with the beauty of the natural realm.

IFloral Designer Hatie Malloy with oneofher creations
Hattie Molloy
Hattie-Molloy Callalilly floral design
Hattie Molloy

As a Branding Studio in Los Angles we love creativity and beauty  in all forms. Flowers make us smile. Which is your favorite? We’d love to know


Time for change




There are mile markers in everyone’s lives–when something so significant happens that afterward you’re never the same.

Transformation can be the result of joyous occasions or from incredible challenge. I recently had one of those moments in my life. Here’s the story of my most recent life changing experiences.

What I thought was simply difficulty sleeping, was diagnosed a large tumor in my spinal cord. With little warning, I was rushed into emergency surgery in July to have it removed. The good news is that the surgery was successful and the tumor was benign. Although this milestone was not one I would label as joyous, it ended up bringing valuable lessons to my life.

I learned not to ignore things. I was having pain for a while and I found a way to justify it so that I didn’t have to go to the doctor. Going to the doctor is something I have never enjoyed and I thought the pain would eventually go away. As you can guess, it did not. I think people do this all the time even in ways that are not related to health. Sometimes the thought of all the things you have to do to rectify a problem seem insurmountable. Sometimes the pain of living with it seems better than the pain or uncomfortability of the solution. Ignoring what needs to be addressed only makes things worse in the long run.

It was very important to me throughout this process that I only focused on the next step ahead. I found that worrying about all the possible outcomes was not good for my overall well being. Focusing on only the next step made the weight of everything feel so much lighter. I think this can be applied to many areas in life. The only way to do anything is one step at a time.

I had a moment after I found out I had the tumor where I was sitting in my car alone before I drove home. At that moment I realized what was important to me. I think I of course knew that already but having my life flash before my eyes really allowed me to hone in on it. I don’t think you need a scary thing to happen to you to do this. You can do this at any time. Ask yourself what your values are. Ask yourself what matters to you. And ask yourself often. I know I will be revisiting these questions on a regular basis.

I had to face my fear to make it through this. Had I not, I would not be healing right now. I think when I take a really good look at everything, my fear was what made me not go to the doctor sooner. I was afraid of what he would say. But now that I am on the other side of it, I realized I was always capable of making it through.

So if I could give you one message that I learned through all of this it is this: You can do it. Whatever it was you just thought of when you read that last sentence, I know you have what it takes.

7 Benefits Exceptional Branding Brings To Your Business

Business Growth

What are the benefits of a brand?

Branding a term that’s newly defined in terms of modern communications, and has become an essential element in generating revenues and building long-term customer loyalty.

It’s easy to understand branding, but it can be complicated to get it right. Your brand is simply the combination of all the things that make you memorable. While your logo is an important part of your brand, brands are more than a logo— it’s a reflection of the unique differentiators that set you apart in the marketplace. In short, it’s what makes you who you are. When customers can emotionally identify with your product, service, or cause they believe in your brand purpose, promise, and principles.

Having a strong brand is an essential foundation of successful marketing. How you do it can make or break your business. If your business is growing (or needs to be) branding can help. Learn more about our work with industries ranging from real estate to automotive, non-profits to manufacturing.

Here are 7 benefits exceptional branding will bring to your business.

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Taqueando Fest 2019

We’re so grateful that we were able to be a part of the first ever
Taqueando Festival this past weekend at the ROW, here in DTLA.

If you know us, you know that we’re super into tacos, the frequency with which we talk about and consume them is borderline-weird, we’re taco-lovers and we’re proud of it. You can imagine, then, our excitement when we found out we would be a part of Taqueando. Taqueando means, literally, “to taco,” and so we did. In addition to sampling just about every variety of taco and michelada under the sun, we offered festival-goers a reprieve, a place to rest between bites and sips, and to exercise their creative muscles with an adult, taco-themed coloring book (you read that right).

Our booth was a hub for anyone and everyone who needed a break from consumption in favor of creation. And plenty of people did. You can only eat so many tacos and our new friends greatly appreciated the opportunity for a little creativity and a chance to sit down and digest. We all chatted about our favorites while feverishly coloring. Some loved the spicy lamb while others preferred the cauliflower and chorizo. Yes, it was an explosion of flavor and we loved it!

As far as the event itself, it was incredible, and seamlessly produced. A little history for you: way back when, a man named Bill Esparza (James Beard award winner for his journalism of the LA taco scene) hosted an annual event called Tacolandia, which attracted upwards of 10,000 people annually. This new, slightly smaller, yet more refined venture is it’s replacement. Here’s what he had to say to Eater LA:

“I want it t be an experience that focuses on the vendors and the Mexican community,” says Esparza. “Jonathan Gold said tacos should be a verb. He was right to say that. (In Spanish), taqueando is the Spanish verb meaning ‘to taco.’ Eating tacos is an action, it’s a lifestyle and basis from our culture.”

In a word, it was epic. We can’t wait for next year.


5 Steps to Brand Brilliance

When your brand identity is authentic, it shines bright.

Brilliance is fascinating.
Brilliance is breathtaking.
Brilliance is charming.

From Prada to Bentley, people like bright, shiny things. They attract us like spinning lures. Like the facets of a diamond. The sparkle of a smile. Brilliance draws us in, holds our attention and makes everything else secondary.

Unlike beauty, brilliance is not an accident of birth. It is not the random intersection of dumb luck and timing. In business, being brilliant is the product of truth, transparency and clearing out the clutter that separates your brand from your audience.


Effective branding doesn’t create brilliance, it reveals it. Trying to be brilliant is an exercise into itself.

Choosing to explore who you really are is a decision that every brand has to make in order to climb to the top of the mountain and leave competitors down at base camp. Whether you would describe your brand as the “Mercedes Benz” of software or the “Rolex” of apartment buildings, make sure it’s authentic to you.

Here are the things you need to consider to make sure your brand is truly brilliant and not just fool’s gold:

  1. Make brilliance your priority. Consensus, especially at top company levels, is crucial. Sometimes brilliance is just a decision or two away. Getting everyone on the same page with an agreed upon goal and direction makes all the difference.
  2. Know your funds. Polishing your brand so customers can see the light takes resources. Brilliance doesn’t happen in your spare time. Carve out a realistic amount of time and funds. The ROI when you pursue brilliance will be a point of light on your balance sheet.
  3. Chart a course. There are a lot of good ideas and good people out there. Find one you like, from someone with a track record in brilliance and a methodology you can count on. Look for brilliance in their strategic approach, and make sure the chemistry feels right.
  4. Never quit. Brand brilliance can mean instituting new programs, implementing new ideas and adopting new attitudes. People will try to knock you off course with negativity and fear. Brilliance can cause temporary blindness. Understand, acknowledge and move forward.
  5. Get excited. There are nothing like the aha! moments that happen during a branding workshop. When everyone is excited about what’s happening, the process works better, moves faster and is a lot more fun. Open up. Get excited. Brilliance is on the way.


How do you craft a brilliant brand? 

  • Start by taking time to mine for the gems that make you unique. They might seem insignificant to you at first — like a pebble. But inside those uncut stones there’s opportunity. That’s why having an expert at your side is so important— they’ll have the ability to recognize what’s most valuable.
  • Next, mark the facets to maximize your assets. It’s critical to clearly define the strategy that must be executed to reveal a brilliant brand. That’s the roadmap to success.
  • Use master craftsmen to do the work. Your raw materials are precious, and it’s wise to only trust a specialist to make the right cuts for your brand. Details are important in revealing brilliance, and even small flaws can reduce your brand’s lustre.
  • Finally, the talents of an artist will determine the best setting to showcase the splendor of your brand’s brilliance, making everything market-ready.

Great sculptors consider each work of art a unique effort because each piece of stone has its own character. They simply free the sculpture from the rock that surrounds it. Branding follows the same mentality— brands are revealed from the unnecessary material that surround them.

Is your brand brilliant? The answer is yes, but it might be hiding underneath layers of sediment that are covering its beauty. Find your brilliance, and your beauty will shine brightly.

Best of DTLA: Tacos El Hermano

Man ordering tacos

In Los Angeles, tacos are symbolic, an integral part of our culture.

While the great debate of who makes the best tacos will undoubtedly continue for years to come, we have a few personal faves. Our studio is located in the hip and happening Arts District, a melting pot of creative people, places, and cuisine, and arguably the most exciting part of the city today. We’ve been downtown for the last eight years, and have seen tremendous change. Most significant? The food scene. While the hot new restaurants pop up almost weekly (and they are awesome), we still have our favorite lunch spots. Lunch must, of course, include all the important food groups like tortillas, salsa and chilis. Call it comfort food for the native Californian. Our go to spot on a busy day is Tacos El Hermano.

Southwest folk art.

Tacos El Hermano might be what you call “a hole in the wall”, but what it lacks in real estate it makes up for in flavor. When you walk up to this adorable and authentic locale, you’re immediately taken far, far away. You can easily imagine you just walked in off the street in San Pedro Atocpan, even though in reality, it’s located just over the first street bridge in Boyle Heights. This little corner stand is covered in murals that look like a 3rd grader painted.

The menu is big enough to satisfy a variety of cravings, but our favorite items are the veggie burrito – the grilled onions and peppers take it over the top, and the spinach breakfast burrito (definitely a must-get if you stop in earlier in the day). The restaurant shares the same menu as Tacos Por Favor on the Westside; this could be another reason we love it since we’ve been eating at Tacos Por Favor for, well, let’s just say longer than we’d care to admit.

Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Oh, and let us know when you’re going, we’d like to join you.

Instagram Launches Video – Opens Creative Branding Opportunities


Video on Instagram Opens Creative Branding Opportunities

New branding news seems to come in by the day on how ideas for online brand marketing are quickly evolving. There may be a giant leap forward this year now that Instagram is getting into the video business. And the reasons for that are due to the perfect length Instagram has given to their videos that allows more time to absorb information compared to Twitter’s Vine.

Instagram’s 15 Seconds of Fame

It might be hard to imagine that only 15 seconds could be used to convey a brand. Yet, that’s considered to be a perfect amount of time to convey a message about what a company is. In most cases, a compelling video will leave someone wanting more after 15 seconds rather than wishing they’d never clicked there. How that works, though, might still be a mystery to those still trying to navigate Instagram’s video marketing opportunities.

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Top 10 Mistakes Real Estate Developers Make on the Internet in a Down Economy

No need to waste time explaining the current financial situation. Chances are, you already know that tale all too well.


Although, there are signs of recovery, we’ve still got a ways to go. What you might not realize is that now is a smart time to invest in your company’s infrastructure through marketing efforts that, when done correctly, will position you perfectly for when the market finally turns. It’s not too late. Smart businesses are weathering the economic storm through strategic communications that forge a deep sense of connection with their customers. Continue reading “Top 10 Mistakes Real Estate Developers Make on the Internet in a Down Economy”