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Best of DTLA: Tacos El Hermano

Man ordering tacos

In Los Angeles, tacos are symbolic, an integral part of our culture.

While the great debate of who makes the best tacos will undoubtedly continue for years to come, we have a few personal faves. Our studio is located in the hip and happening Arts District, a melting pot of creative people, places, and cuisine, and arguably the most exciting part of the city today. We’ve been downtown for the last eight years, and have seen tremendous change. Most significant? The food scene. While the hot new restaurants pop up almost weekly (and they are awesome), we still have our favorite lunch spots. Lunch must, of course, include all the important food groups like tortillas, salsa and chilis. Call it comfort food for the native Californian. Our go to spot on a busy day is Tacos El Hermano.

Southwest folk art.

Tacos El Hermano might be what you call “a hole in the wall”, but what it lacks in real estate it makes up for in flavor. When you walk up to this adorable and authentic locale, you’re immediately taken far, far away. You can easily imagine you just walked in off the street in San Pedro Atocpan, even though in reality, it’s located just over the first street bridge in Boyle Heights. This little corner stand is covered in murals that look like a 3rd grader painted.

The menu is big enough to satisfy a variety of cravings, but our favorite items are the veggie burrito – the grilled onions and peppers take it over the top, and the spinach breakfast burrito (definitely a must-get if you stop in earlier in the day). The restaurant shares the same menu as Tacos Por Favor on the Westside; this could be another reason we love it since we’ve been eating at Tacos Por Favor for, well, let’s just say longer than we’d care to admit.

Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Oh, and let us know when you’re going, we’d like to join you.

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