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Instagram Launches Video – Opens Creative Branding Opportunities


Video on Instagram Opens Creative Branding Opportunities

New branding news seems to come in by the day on how ideas for online brand marketing are quickly evolving. There may be a giant leap forward this year now that Instagram is getting into the video business. And the reasons for that are due to the perfect length Instagram has given to their videos that allows more time to absorb information compared to Twitter’s Vine.

Instagram’s 15 Seconds of Fame

It might be hard to imagine that only 15 seconds could be used to convey a brand. Yet, that’s considered to be a perfect amount of time to convey a message about what a company is. In most cases, a compelling video will leave someone wanting more after 15 seconds rather than wishing they’d never clicked there. How that works, though, might still be a mystery to those still trying to navigate Instagram’s video marketing opportunities.

So far, a number of well-known brands have attached themselves to the Instagram video potential. They may have had special access beforehand as a joint effort in promotion. Even if they did, some of the videos are a good example of how creative and interesting you can be in barely the time it takes to conjure a thought. Check out this video from Gap recently as a good example of the video production possibilities that we may soon see on Instagram.

How Can You Convey a Brand in a Small Amount of Time?

A good start in answering the above question is in watching that Gap ad. They managed to show a still image of one of their clothing items on the right side of the screen while showing clever stop-motion movement on a crossword to the left. Creative use of displaying your brand doesn’t have to involve all action. In fact, there isn’t enough time to convey a message if nothing but people are involved in a 15-second video.

That may be the new guide in how to approach Instagram’s video technology. By imposing the challenge of 15 seconds, it forces companies to think about more practical ways to display their brand without having to think overly large. It seems to mean utilizing a still shot of the actual product with simple, correlated action going on to the side.

The Potential Audience

With Instagram already being used by many people, will we see an influx of brands both small and large saturating the site with videos? It hasn’t happened yet, despite that time arriving once the earlier corporate videos are wider seen. It may become the new form of advertising when commercials on TV used to tell a longer story about a brand. Now it’ll work nearly on a subliminal level where images are burned into the mind. With that comes the advantage of being replayed over and over again without becoming a meaningless Vine video bite.

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