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Increase brand loyalty tenfold– simply by being who you are. Use your brand personality to communicate beyond words. Connect directly to your customers’ hearts and minds.

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Branding is all
about connection

Would you describe Apple as intelligent? Nike as fearless? McDonald’s as friendly?

Companies aren’t people. But successful brands make us feel like they’re human.

Powerful brands know who they are and speak it loud and clear, elevating transactions to meaningful connections. Knowing your brand personality means you’ll communicate beyond words. Connect directly to your customers’ hearts and minds.


The 4 Brand Personality Types

Uncovering the authentic personality behind your brand and speaking it clearly can be a challenge. We’ve developed a quick assessment to place your brand into one of the four types.



Lover brands are familiar and comforting, but also seek to help their followers discover things about themselves and the world. They create a sense of belonging, happiness, and possibility.


Dreamer brands do new things in new ways. They create a sense of transformation, novelty, and courage.



Explorer brands disrupt their sector by taking something we are familiar with and doing it better. They create a sense of excitement, adventure, and advancement.


Protector brands provide classic offerings to established markets. They create a sense of comfort, trust, and nostalgia.