The IDEA Method

IDEA = Ignite + Distill + Energize + Activate 

The IDEA Method is a four-step process. It’s a proven technique that reveals your brand story and bold messaging strategies. We craft brand identity, visual language, and authentic voice, then deliver it across multiple touchpoints.

The idea is better branding. We’ve developed a time-tested branding methodology for success that leads to the greatest possible rewards. The entire approach is a framework that is customizable, adapting easily to various budget and schedule constraints. It’s collaborative and inclusive, revealing a series of findings that simplify the decision making process. In the end, your brand isn’t created – it’s revealed.

Step 1:
IGNITE {Brand Discovery}

The IGNITE phase is a comprehensive look inside and outside of your company to establish a deep understanding of your business.

This is the initial spark between you and Flux, a 360-degree assessment of your current situation. We stop, look, and listen to everything happening within your brand, employees, industry, customers, and competitors. This knowledge serves as the foundation from which an authentic brand grows.


Step 2:
Distill {Brand Positioning}

During the DISTILL phase, our findings are summarized into a brand bible that clearly defines a brand position that uniquely differentiates you.

Great brands set themselves apart and celebrate what makes them different. After our in-depth investigation of your brand landscape, we refine our information into the essence of your unique selling principles. These assets inform brand concepts, mood boards, copy and graphics we assemble into a strategic document.


DISTILL results in a poetic, internal-facing document that acts as a guiding light for future visuals, creative expression, copywriting, and marketing efforts. Brand positioning is what separates branding from graphic design; it infuses meaning that elevates visuals to a higher power of cognition.

Step 3:
Energize {Brand Identity}

In the ENERGIZE phase we develop the visual system for an authentic brand identity that acts as a shorthand for the brand position.

Our creative team turns this vision into tangible brand characteristics like naming, logo, color, tagline, and corporate identity. These deliverables collectively form a visual language that powers brand communications seamlessly across platforms. To ensure that all silos of your company are aligned, we prepare a practical style manual to use as a reference for future creative execution.


ENERGIZE is when the visual language is crafted to express the brand concept. It’s extremely high-value because it’s the fastest way to communicate complex information. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a well developed brand identity is worth millions in equity.

Step 4:
Activate {Brand Expression}

We ACTIVATE brands by leveraging the new identity in communications and campaigns that build awareness and motivate action.

We help you lift off with campaign strategies to ensure your brand story is resonating far and wide. We create simple, bold communications that carry your brand across all customer touchpoints. Through ongoing collaboration, we are your partner across a broad range of initiatives that have a singular purpose– to help the world meet you.


ACTIVATE is where your brand is expressed across all communications opportunities. As the information landscape continues to proliferate across digital, environmental, experiential, and tactile mediums, the need for a well-crafted, consistent, intelligent expression of the brand is increasingly challenging. By relying on the deliverables from the preceding steps, it’s more likely that brand supremacy can be achieved successfully. We’re here to activate for you.

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