flux branding

Social Media

Curated placement on social platforms.

Social marketing campaigns allow the world to meet your brand, putting your voice out loud and clear. Social media is a powerful microphone for your brand to be heard. After you determine who your brand is and what you sound like, social media allows large-scale interaction with total immediacy. We take advantage of the direct returns by creating a content calendar, then strategizing which social platforms best fit your identity and reach your audience. We handle everything from initial posting to post-campaign reporting, serving as your one-stop-shop for all things digital and social media.

Digital Advertising

Display ads for all types of online media.

An assertive strategy, digital advertising is a highly effective method to get your brand in front of an exact audience. With the current proliferation of digital and social platforms, digital media strategies are highly customizable. We consider page experience, relevance, and target audience to create campaigns that are strategically solid, and impactful for sales, brand recognition and publicity. Our understanding of search and behavioral strategy is key to the success of our digital media campaigns.

Search Optimization

Keyword-based rank improvement.

Search is a powerful tool to get your brand seen when potential clients are looking for the services you offer. When your name is in the top search results, it not only increases consumers but builds credibility and recognition to a wide audience. Focusing on both on and off-page strategies, we maximize your site for search optimization, and ensure you backlink profile is building authority to search engines.

While a strong search strategy will drive traffic to your site and ensure the right audience is finding you, SEO is about more than a few placed keywords. Our team of digital strategists are experts in maximizing searchability through multiple channels, ensuring you won’t be stuck on the second page of results.

Behavioral Targeting

Profile-based digital outreach.

Bringing relevant content to consumers at their time of need involves knowledge of consumer behavior and intelligent delivery of the right messaging. In the brand discovery process we determined who you are and who your audience is. This information now informs our behavioral strategy, targeting your established and potential client base in the most effective way possible, and bringing the most receptive audience to you.

Direct Response

Leads generation programs.

Direct advertising personalizes your brand and engages with your audience in an immediate and intimate way. Direct response campaigns like email and physical mail delivery are effective ways to get your brand in front of people, but they require great visual design to ensure you will be remembered. We create artful and engaging newsletters, marketing mailers and other direct media to put your brand right in the hands (and inboxes) of your audience.

Traditional Advertising

Paid placement in mainstream media.

With a clear understanding of your target audience and competitive landscape, we create effective print advertising campaigns to target your audience for use in direct mailers, flyers, and placement anywhere your potential customers  can be found. We create artful and engaging marketing mailers and other direct media to put your brand right in the hands of your audience.


Special events to gain visibility.

Even in today’s digital-first world, there’s no substitute for face-to-face human interaction.  Experiential marketing remains among the best ways to publicize a new product, launch a new brand, thank your customers, or simply reward your team for outselling themselves two quarters in a row.

Whether you need help planning an impactful, off-site sales meeting, or you want to create a buzzworthy event to promote your new product launch, we can lend our expertise to every aspect of planning. From finding the location and booking the talent, to catering and sending out press releases to industry media, we work with our trusted partners to create the right tone and setting for your event.

Trade Shows

Your booth, events, and swag.

Trade shows are one of the best opportunities for face-to-face contact with buyers.  A cost-effective means of expanding your customer base, trade shows are also a strategic way to introduce your brand to the right targeted segment of the market.

We are experts at strategizing, designing, and running trade show booths, creating high quality booths and memorable booth experiences. With years of experience and trusted booth design partners, we can help you show up and succeed at your next important trade show.

Standards Manual

A documented summary of the look.

Consistency is key in brand identity. We create a standards manual that serves as a basis for all future branded communication. This reference ensures a united brand identity across all company sectors and continuity through management or personnel turnover. The standards manual serves as a playbook for how your brand is presented to the world, ensuring brand recognition and synergy across all platforms and communication materials.