The 3 Branding Essentials

Understand the fundamentals of branding before you start doing it.

Brand Basics

What is a brand? What is branding?

Understanding the fundamentals of branding is key to successful strategy. Underlying misconceptions about what a brand is will make your goals impossible to define. Here are three basics to review before you embark on your process of brand discovery.

Feeling is Knowing

A brand is not your logo. It’s not your product. It’s not even your identity. Your brand is a person’s emotional, intuitive reaction to your product, service, or organization. It’s a gut feeling associated with you. It’s not just for your customers – it’s for your competitors, your employees, your suppliers, and anyone else who comes into contact with your business.

Emotional Engineering

Branding is the strategy used to engineer that emotional reaction so it occurs predictably, immediately, and across all platforms. Brands are created by the reactions of people who come into contact with them, so remember: in branding, it’s not what you say. It’s what they say. Are you getting the response you desire? Effective branding closes the gap between what you think your brand means and what it actually means in the wider market.

Fake Brands Stink

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience, they’ll eventually smell dishonestly if you aren’t being authentic. To ensure long-term loyalty, and garner true emotional response, your brand has to be real. A brand is a living, evolving entity – it’s more than just an aesthetic. Design is vital, but without heart a brand is just a decoration that’s easily forgotten with a change in fashion. Do you want to be remembered? Show your true character and brilliance.

More than just a visual language and description of what you do, your brand incites an intuitive, emotional response people associate with your company. Branding is a process of collaboration between leadership and agency, forging a deep understanding of the nature of your offering and why it matters.

With a strong brand strategy and an authentic brand platform you can harness the power of that emotional response to create loyalty, longevity, and irreplaceability in your industry.

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