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Timing | Is it Time to Rebrand?

Branding happens at specific, key times in the corporate life cycle.


Brand Timing

Change is the only constant.


Most brands are in a continual state of flux, internally or externally. Branding is most successful when companies embrace this fact and move with the current, rather than trying to stand still. While taking a real look at your brand is always beneficial, there are times of change that signal a branding effort is not only helpful – it’s imperative. Successfully navigating these shifts requires a strong compass and a guide to chart the course.

Industry Change

If you find that you are losing market share to a competitor, a serious look at your brand is in order. Competitive attack is a sign that your brand is not yet memorable and irreplaceable enough to win out in your industry. Uncovering what your brand is missing and repositioning it based on your unique advantages is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Another industry change that marks a critical branding moment is a merger or acquisition. If you are diversifying your brand portfolio, it’s critical to have a clear strategy for expanding your brand or re-branding your subsidiaries. A good brand strategy will expand your reach, while a messy one can seriously damage your recognition.

Internal Change

Branding isn’t only for influencing your consumers – it also has a major effect on your employees. With both internal and external benefits, good branding can breathe life into your company. A change over in leadership, such as a new CEO, prompts a key time for branding. It’s an effective way to break with the past and cement a new culture of leadership and company values. Even if leadership is unchanged, branding can raise employee morale. If you find that your team is not excited about your company and not proud to pass out your business card, the story you’re telling isn’t working. A hard look at your brand can put you on the right track.

External Change

When launching new goods or services, your brand is in a particularly sensitive state. If the face you present to the outside world is shifting, your brand needs to shift, too. Expanding your offerings can be great for your brand, but without a clear strategy, new facets of your brand can serve to muddy the water and confuse consumers. Brand focus is key to memorability, recognition, and loyalty, so it’s imperative that your brand encompasses your new offerings in way that is true and authentic to your brand position.

What’s going on in your business? If you’re experiencing competitive attack, a merger or acquisition, change in leadership, low employee morale, or are diversifying your offerings, you need to consider how your brand will adapt. We can guide you through the change. Ready for the next step in your brand journey? We’re ready to go.

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