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Sustainable Manufacturing Conference | Fall 2019

Staying current with the latest news and trends happening in the automotive industry helps us better serve our automotive clients. Having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Flux’s Chief Creative Strategist, Jamie Schwartzman headed to Detroit for a 2-day conference on sustainable manufacturing. 

The biannual conference is hosted by MERA, The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing practices for the transportation industry. MERA is a Flux client. We are grateful to be helping create and spread their message of sustainability. 

Highlights of the conference:

        • Visit to the Automobile Hall of Fame, home to legendary vehicles including Thomas Edison’s 1889 electric roadster. 

        • Tour of the 3.2 million square-foot Detroit Deisel truck engine manufacturing facility

        • Amazon Renewed, an important new way to market sustainably manufactured products.

As the world becomes aware of both its limited resources and the changing climate, industry is transforming our current Take-Make-Waste economy to a  new Circular Economy approach. This is not a new concept in the transportation industry, but it is new to many consumers. It requires a shift in perspective to be more receptive to remanufacturing as the preferred choice.. 

Imagine a world where hard parts, ranging from jet engines to the alternator in your car were repurposed. Remanufactured in a factory setting, using advanced technology to reclaim the durable components rather than discard them. The result is identical quality with dramatic savings of energy and resources. This is truly, like new, but better. 

Next time you buy a product think about how it was manufactured. If we all choose a more sustainable – less wasteful process, we all win!


Next stop is AAPEX 2019, the largest automotive parts expo in the USA. Jamie will continue to spread the message of sustainability at that important trade event. 

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