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Jamie Schwartzman

Jamie likes making things. Example: he loves making dinner. He’s the kind of guy who’ll whip up something great with whatever’s around. This isn’t about following a cookbook – it’s about following instinct. He understands how to please the palate while engaging the senses of even the most detached diner.

Jamie’s approach to branding, marketing and advertising is similar, leveraging every ingredient from a company’s pantry to create new opportunities and achieve business objectives. It’s a bigger approach that forces those around him to expand their thinking, while positioning clients to be far more proactive than reactive in the marketplace.

Having cut his teeth in a number of successful (and a few failed) ventures, Jamie brings a sense of realism to the table with a gift for helping businesses accommodate growth and understand growing pains. More than just problem solving, his consultative style reflects his prowess in the studio, the boardroom, and on the pitcher’s mound guiding several nationally-based companies to triple digit growth and softball league dominance.

How did Jamie get this way? He’s the kid of an artist and a doctor with an equal command of both the left  and right brain. And along the way, he developed impeccable taste and style. Whether it’s corporate identity, brand positioning or marketing strategy, the results are delicious. Clients taste it. Employees enjoy it. In fact, everyone can almost savor it. And if you want proof, just try his brisket.

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