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KFA Rendere of LIV on PICO

It’s always fun to see the brands we make enter into the world. We’ve been hard at work with Cityview Developers to craft identities for several of their new major residential projects across Los Angeles. A few weeks ago, Alex and Olivia attended the naming unveiling ceremony at LIV, an amenities-forward building in Mid-City that we named, positioned, and built the entire visual language for.


The building’s location near LA’s museum row and particularly the Los Angeles County Museum of Art makes it a perfect place for creative minds, and the event definitely had an artistic flair. A local spoken word artist introduced the name with a poem, while a painter created a work that will be hung in the finished lobby.


The event also featured live jazz, an oyster bar, and a cotton candy machine.


We had a great time seeing how far the building has come since we last toured the property and seeing all the attendees experience the name and logo we created for the first time. The signage we designed will be going up soon, and we can’t wait to print the fun brand experience pieces we developed, including a set of postcards featuring original art.

A lot of love and effort goes into taking a brand from idea to reality, and we so enjoyed getting to celebrate that together. Take a look at the website we designed. It will give a taste of the brand we created for LIV on pico.






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