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Branding: How to Differentiate your Project in a Booming Market

BISNOW BMAC west was a great success! Our strategic leader, Jamie Schwartzman, moderated an informative panel session on branding. Jamies’ infections and engaging style kept us all focused as he got the most out of his panel titled; Branding: How to Differentiate your Project in a Booming Market

The branding session well attended and informative. First of all, Jamie set the stage by reminding us all how communications are changing at a rapid pace. Did you know Instagram is only 7 years old?  No one can deny its importance in communications. Then he asked thoughtful questions to get the most out of this panel of experts. The panel featured five experts that included John Waldron, Managing Principle, Studio T-SQ; Kim Bucklew, Managing Director, Alliance Residential; Amirali Nasserian SVP- National Residential Development, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield; Richard Price, VP Development; Alliance Residential; Simon Hunter, Partner & CIO, Co-Op. They provided  the audience with a lot of insights

Below are a  few examples of the questions posed to our panel of industry leaders.

           1. How do you bridge the gap between business and branding?

               Answer: Budgeting for branding in the earliest stages of development is even more important than ever before to overall project success

          2. How does branding help you curate a community?

               Answer: The result attracts like minded individual to your project and consequently reduces turnover.

         3. How does design differentiate a brand in a world where nearly everything is designed?

             Answer: As a result, shift in focus to emotion and experiential elements of property

        4. What are you exploring in Los Angeles developments that are trend worthy? 

            Answer: combining package delivery and, housekeeping services; Dedicated Ride sharing lounges

In addition to the informative panel discussions there was an  inspiring keynote with Bobby Turner of  Turner Impact Capital. He is a social impact innovator, focusing his investments strategy on affordable workforce housing, education and healthcare. Turner Impact Capitals vision is “to create innovative and durable solutions to today’s challenges by investing in community-enriching infrastructure in underserved communities”.  Above all, Turner Impact Capital believes that building stronger communities in turn  can build strong financial returns. His message of hope was a breadth of fresh air in today’s fractious climate.

BISNOW held a speed networking session- quite a feet with so many people in attendance. The catered lunch and closing cocktail party also provide opportunity to connect with leaders in the industry. In other words, as with all BISNOW events, there lots of opportunities to network.

Finally, a big thanks to BISNOW for putting it all together. I look forward to the next time I can connect with fellow attendees.

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