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The Season of Giving

Inspirational organizations doing great work in our city.

With Thanksgiving behind us the holiday season is in full swing. I bet most of you spent last Friday, like myself, scouring the internet for great deals on gifts for your loved ones or maybe yourself. Now that we are done I hope that you have a bit left over to share with those less fortunate, or help save animals,  the environment, or maybe a favorite arts program.

It feels great to give back and reminds us how fortunate we all are. Below are just a few amazing organizations that are local to the City of Angels that we call home. As well as being close to our hearts. Consider giving to them this season.

PATH working to house and support the homeless



PATH has been working to house the homeless well before it was part of the national conversation. It all started with a letter written by Claire and Rev. Charles Orr, calling for the community to address the ever-increasing issue of homelessness. In response, on the night of December 8, 1983, 60 people gathered together to figure out how to help people who were experiencing homelessness in their neighborhoods. On that night, PATH was born.

The group started by distributing food and clothing to people living on the streets. As homelessness continued to grow nationwide, research revealed that Housing First—a best practice model that first connects people to permanent housing and then focuses on stabilization through voluntary supportive services, proved more effective. Now, over thirty years later, we provide services in more than 150 cities in five regions, and have more than 1,500 units of permanent supportive housing completed or in the pipeline.
Across the state, we help people find permanent housing and provide case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy, employment training, and other services to help them maintain their homes stably. Since 2013, we have connected more than 9,000 people to permanent homes.

Making a digfference one heart at a time. Great volunteer opportunites.


Making a Differnce on Heart at a time. This organization is about as grass roots as it gets. Founded in August of 1994- They have been of service for 30 years to these sector of our community:
The homeless; people with AIDS / HIV, Or whose lives have been adversely impacted by such, especially children; at-risk youth (abused, neglected, impoverished, abandoned, orphaned, runaways, homeless, learning-disabled, etc.); the elderly; and the environment and the earth.

They also present educational workshops designed to provide psychological and emotional healing from abusive or dysfunctional childhoods and provide beneficial skills which can be used to improve the quality of our relationships with others and ourselves. As we heal ourselves and grow emotionally and spiritually, we are naturally drawn to service as a path to personal enlightenment. We call this path : KARMA YOGA.
Check them out. If donating is a challenge they are always looking for volunteer at their events. Hey kids get those community service hours in!



Working to keep the Santa Monica Bay clean for all to enjoy


Los Angeles, to many, is a concrete jungle. But we are all very fortunate to have the Pacific Ocean as our largest playground. Whether you live in DTLA, Silverlake, the Valley or on the westiside we all have the ocean in our bakckyard.

But historically this natural beauty was being devastated by trash and polluted by city runoff. Then in 1885 Heal the Bay was established. They are dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean. Through science, education, community action, and advocacy.

Heal the bay has done amazing work over the years to clean up the ban but also to enroll all of us in the importance of keeping our beaches and oceans clean.


KCRW the best radio station in America


This is the best public radio stationand we are lucky to have it here in LA. So lets be real- they are not housing the homless but they do give back and KCRW just makes life better in LA. I’ve been listening for over 30 years, and a member for about that long.

KCRW Features the newest and most eccleticmusic, they host amazing events around town, plus the Hollywood Bowl Summer series. There are one of a kind studio sessions, NPR and lots of original proramming. I just can’t say enough about this amazing resource. I am definately part of the KCRW tribe.

Definitely take a listen if you have never checked it out. And these days you can listen from anywhere in the world. Ahh… technology.


New Year Resolutions?

Let us know if your ready to make a change in 2024. If our services align with your resolutions please reach out. In the meantime check out a few of our posts on rebranding like; 10 Rebranding Services Your Company can Benefit From or Why do Companies Rebrand?  Maybe your looking for  some  needed inspiration. Checkout these posts where we share what inspires us: What’s Cooking; The Art of Cookbook Design  or Sweet Escape: Chocolate Packaging.

All of us here, at Flux Branding wish you a happy and healthy holiday.  A request while you spend this season with the ones you love, take a moment to send positive peaceful energy to those facing war and hardship. It is a fragile time on our planet; here is to hoping our collective positivity can change this trajectory.

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