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Sweet Escape: Chocolate Packaging

Grand Cruz_1

We’re always looking for inspiration. Whether it’s maps, posters or packaging, whether we’re on the road or at the grocery store, design is everywhere. Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, so we’re thinking about one thing in particular that makes our design hearts beat: chocolate. We don’t really need another reason to buy chocolate, but if a bar has incredible packaging we’ll snap it up in a minute. Here are some of our favorites. 

Deux-Cranes choco Pkg
1. Delicate Minimalist

Deux Cranes’ visual identity is infused with inspiration from their Creative Director’s Japanese and American backgrounds, referencing origami to classic kimono patterns she wore growing up. We love these rich jewel tones and delicate gold with a nice contrast of modern geometric patterns embossed on the bars. Classic, elegant and new all the same time.  

Grand Cruz Choco Pkg
2. Textural Trip

The Mexican chocolate company Gran Cruz is taking us on a psychedelic ride. According to the company, the detailed patterns and holograms in both branding and packaging aim to communicate the product’s authenticity and level of attention to detail, effort and demanding selection process. The mixture of serif, sans serif and handwritten texts highlight the brand’s human aspect and artistry. A modern and vibrant color palette is contrasted against sober and monochromatic tags as a reference to Mesoamerica’s colorful culture juxtaposed with colonial era’s industrial European influence. It’s totally unique.

3. Elegantly Tactile

Dandelion chocolate is a “bean to bar” chocolate company based in San Francisco. Because their chocolate is only made of beans and sugar, with no added emulsifiers or flavorings, they went for packaging that feels very real, but also special. We love their use of heavy, textured paper with beautiful patterns and gold leaf. It feels simple, down to earth and elegant all at the same time, perfectly communicating their ethos. 

For Valentine’s day, we’ll be treating ourselves to a sweet bit of design inspiration with one of these bars.

Which is your favorite? We’d love to know. 



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