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Design Inspiration: Coffee Packaging

This month, we’re featuring a brand we built for Flax Coffee Co., an organic coffee company known for their flax seed and coffee blend. We positioned this unique beverage, inspired by the Ethiopian telba drink, and crafted a unique brand identity that was carried across packaging and collateral.

We love packaging, and creating the bags for Flax Coffee Co. was so fun for us. Here on the blog, we’re giving you a peek into coffee packaging that inspires us. Check out the incredible design of these coffee brands. With one of these bags in your morning routine, you’ll want to keep your eyes open– no caffeine needed.


Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Mad scientist meets coffee enthusiast. This retro future collage style is humorous and unique, offering tons of personality at first glance.

Half witt coffee packaging


Blend Station

This coffee shop in Mexico City is tons of fun, with bright colors and playful illustrations throughout their brand. But it’s the graphic, high contrast packaging that’s really memorable– those two eyes set in a black background stick with you immediately.

Blend Station Coffee


Square One Coffee Roasters

Hypnotizing patterns and a cylindrical container make this coffee from Square One almost an art piece. Super minimal and simple but still enticing and engaging– a hard balance to strike.

Square one coffee package


Papa Palheta Brand Experience Kit

While more than just a coffee bag, this kit is too cool to ignore.The kit features a connoisseur’s tasting notes record sheet, informative brewing guide that suggests the golden water-to-coffee ratio and a cake recipe card to create the perfect pairing with coffee, encouraging the coffee drinker to explore the all aspects of coffee culture.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

In a sector where most coffee packaging feels modern and graphic, Stumptown is a unique standout. It has an artisanal, 70’s vibe that makes it feel like an artifact from a larger story, or a window into a different world. It communicates an atmosphere, pulling the viewer in.

SStumptown coffee Roasters

Which one is your favorite? Drop us a note and tell us about it.


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