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This month we’re featuring a brand we created for EATwtr, a new bottled water company that’s committed to doing good for the world. With a percentage of proceeds going to mental health and suicide prevention organizations and fully recyclable packaging, EATwtr envisions a better use for single-use water bottles. In our package design process, we looked at other beverage companies on the market designed to stand out on the shelves. Check out our favorites.



One of the first bottled water companies to prove that bottled water can compete alongside alcoholic beverages, Liquid Death is a masterclass in how taking risks with your brand can really pay off. Their whole brand is based on opposites. Usually we think of water as boring and plain– but what if it’s death metal themed? Based on the idea that they’re murdering thirst and plastic, they’re also playing on how boring corporate marketing is– people don’t want to hear the same line they’ve heard a million times before. We want to be surprised. It’s unexpected, memorable, and full of personality.




With a range of still, alkaline, and sparkling, PATH Water’s products come in refillable and 100% recyclable packaging. The bottle’s design is upbeat and full of summer-inspired whimsy, ideal for a brand giving consumers the perfect vessel for hydration on a hot summer’s day.



This line of “cactus water”– a healthy beverage made from the juice of prickly pears, combines an editorial aesthetic with sustainable packaging. It looks like a modern magazine page on a can, and we love the surprising combination of the CPG and fashion.



Brez is a sparkling CBD and mushroom drink that combines trends in fashion and wellness for a unique and ethereal design. We love the holographic can and the custom decorative font paired with a clean, san serif secondary type.


EAT 2 x


With a clean and simple design, we wanted the silver of the bottle to really shine against a matte black label and modern block typeface. You can find EATwtr at Eat Fantastic, a chain of fast casual restaurants across the South Bay. Check out the entire EATwtr brand.

Will you be drinking any of these cool beverages this summer? It’s getting hotter– stay hydrated and stay inspired.

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