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How you look is how you’re seen. Does your appearance match your true identity


Brand Identity

Take stock of your brand identity and assess if your values are being effectively communicated. Your brand identity is the outward expression of your brand, inclusive of visual language, name, trademark, and communications. More than just the sum of its parts, your brand identity is a powerful tool to make an emotional connection with your audience.


A solid strategy is crucial in creating brand identity. Who are you? What do you want to show the world? Before you can determine the outward expression you want to highlight, you must determine the inward components that make up your brand. An authentic brand identity is an external reflection of your internal core. Your strategy should assess the disconnect between how you see your brand and how others perceive it, then chart a course to close that gap.


Clear planning and intention are the foundation of brand identity, but execution is where ideas become reality. Strategy and design are greatly weakened when they exist without one another. A great brand strategy without great design is just a plan that can’t be communicated. Great design without great brand strategy is something nice to look it, but lacking authenticity and a larger framework it will be easily replaced by changing trends.

Sequence of Cognition

The brain processes color and form before words, so your visual identity is a huge part of how you’re perceived. The first few moments of contact will form the gut reaction that defines your brand, and visual cues have a critical impact on that response.  Consistency is key. A clear visual language forms brand loyalty and engineers the response you want from your audience. Think about the most recognizable brands – they are recognizable precisely because their brand identity is bold, memorable, and consistent.

Your brand identity speaks volumes about who you are. If you’re having trouble with brand recognition or loyalty, your identity could be at the heart of the problem. If you’re just starting out, make a mark on your industry right away with simple, bold communications.

Here at Flux – a top brand identity agency – we love getting to know brands and communicating to the world who they really are. Let us get to know you.

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