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Flux Branding Collaborates with Gordon Ramsay on Food Stars Finale

Jamie & Olivia get ready for their close-up!

BREAKING: Flux Branding Contributes to SmartCups Victory in 2023, Clinching $250,000 Grand Prize

Kudos to Chris Kanik of SmartCups on clinching the grand prize of $250,000 investment from Gordon Ramsay in the 2023 edition of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars! We’re ecstatic that we could play a role in refining your brand’s essence. Check out the video to see the brand strategy crafted by us that aided SmartCups in securing the coveted top spot.

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When Hollywood comes knocking, Flux opens the door.

When Flux Branding was approached by a television producer last year, we were informed only that our expertise was sought for a new competitive reality show hosted by a prominent figure. Intrigued and eager to learn more, we engaged in several conversations and were eventually thrilled to discover that the show was Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, and even more excitingly, Flux was handpicked by Ramsay for a pivotal role in the season finale.

Flux Branding with finalist Chris, the founder of Smart Cups, on Gordon Ramsey's Food Stars.
Flux Branding with finalist Chris, the founder of Smart Cups, on Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars.

The Challenge.

The series follows the journey of emerging food entrepreneurs, all competing for a life-changing $250,000 investment from Ramsay. Each episode involves a series of challenges, with contestants voting off the least successful until only one remains, combining elements of Top Chef, The Apprentice, and Shark Tank.

Our mission on the show was clear yet challenging: refine the brand messaging for one of the finalists, SmartCups, a food technology startup specializing in 3D printing dry ingredients. Ramsay saw potential in the contestant’s business but believed it needed a more accessible and intelligent narrative for consumers. Flux Branding appears to help this contestant go from confused to clarity.


Flux conducted an Ignite Session to uncover the essential brand promises that resonated the most. Following this, we developed an evolved Brand Platform that repositioned the brand for an exciting relaunch. Armed with this strategy, a pop-up storefront was created to showcase the brand as the final test to determine the winner.

Jamie & Olivia have their Network TV debut!

The culmination of our journey was a moment of immense pride and joy for the entire team at Flux Branding. After weeks of intense competition, nail-biting challenges, and tireless efforts to redefine and refine the brand messaging of SmartCups, the moment of truth arrived. SmartCups was announced as the winner! It wasn’t just a victory for innovative food tech, but a toast to the power of crystal-clear storytelling. It was a moment where technology met tradition, and a cup of innovation was raised to the timeless power of a well-crafted narrative. Cheers to SmartCups and to the alchemy of branding and innovation.

Clarifying your message.

Having a clear and compelling story behind your company is not only crucial for your customers but also for your investors. The value of potent messaging cannot be underestimated. Remember, successful branding isn’t just about being seen—it’s about being understood.

Perhaps you’re just exploring how to rebrand your business, or maybe you’re at the point where you’d like to bring in help from an expert branding agency in Los Angeles.

If you’re ready to embark on a project with the rebranding team at Flux, get in touch today.


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