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The cinematic advantage.

This cutting-edge architecture visualization firm needed an updated look to match their aesthetic approach. Flux created a brand that’s as beautiful as their work.



Shimahara Visual

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Shimahara Visual
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Shimahara Visual is a high-end visualization studio that works with starchitects all over the world. Their beautiful illustrations, films, and renderings do more than show an idea– they tell the story of a place. We came up with the concept of “cinematic advantage” to describe Shimahara’s narrative approach.


Visual Language

We crafted a modern, bold visual language that played on an attention to materiality, futuristic forms, architectural structure, and a sense of directorial perspective.


Sleek stationery and business cards carried the new brand identity across touchpoints. We balanced a beautiful charcoal black with natural paper for a look that’s both elevated and tactile at the same time.