flux branding

Life at the speed of luxe.

This multi-family project at 12th and Grand needed a brand refresh to appeal to a young, fashion conscious consumer. We developed a memorable look that stands out from the competition.


The Wolff Company

Real Estate

  • Identity System
  • Signage & Environmental 
  • Stationery
  • Website




These lofts, studios, and one bedroom apartments are designed to make a statement. We crafted an identity that matched the elevated interior design, using a luxurious black and gold color palette with a geometric pattern for a posh, decadent look.



We took the existing functional logo and brought it to match the sophistication and glam-chic design of the property. Integrating the G and the 1, the undulating forms of the mark match the delicate waves of the pattern.



A unique sign hangs in the leasing gallery featuring a custom beaded curtain to catch the eye. Brass wayfinding signage featuring the brand pattern creates a cohesive look throughout the building. Window clings and column wraps make a statement from the street.