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Go with confidence. Go with EDS.

This major provider of vehicle service contracts and extended warranties needed a new brand to differentiate its B2B and B2C channels. Previously known as Endurance Dealer Services, we crafted a new brand and strategized how to bring it to the world. The result was a whole new look and voice while still preserving their existing customer base of agents and dealers.


Endurance Dealer Services


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Position
  • Brand Identity
  • Corporate Identity
  • Visual language
  • Launch Plan
  • Brand Standards


Brand Strategy

Through a series of workshops with key stakeholders, we determined the philosophy, values, and differentiators of the EDS brand. Rebranding was prompted by a channel conflict and not a natural readiness to change the current brand, and so a respect for the existing brand was very important.

EDS Brand Standards



We positioned EDS as a brand evolution– same consumer-centric philosophy and value driven approach with an updated name and refreshed look.




Brand Position

EDS officially changed their name to Emerald Dealer Services, but the company preferred to use the acronym as their public face to maintain existing brand equity. We integrated the emerald concept subtlety into the brand messaging, relating to multi-faceted solutions, smart investments and long-lasting value. Green represents “go” in the automotive context, so we developed the tagline “Go with EDS”. 

EDS Visual Tone Mood board

Brand Identity

We created a new identity for the brand that drew on the color and shapes of emeralds. Inspired by modern finance, the brand feels both trustworthy and contemporary. It’s bold, geometric, and tech forward. The visual language includes warm, natural photography and simple, friendly icons.

EDS Color Palette
EDS Typography System
EDS Logo_Short
EDS Icons
EDS Photography Style
EDS Business Card

Corporate Identity

The diamond shape of the logo was adapted as an arrow motif and repeated pattern to use across branded communications.

EDS Letterhead
EDS Stationery
EDS_Brand Standard