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Back to {Brand} School

FLUX Branding - Jaime Schwartzman

Summer’s over, and it’s back to school time … for your brand. Chances are your summer plans and vacations were the focus for the past few months, but it’s important to shift gears now and get back to business.

In many ways, the post-summer business climate is a perfect time to make a positive impression by reintroducing yourself as a more informed and experienced brand. Consider what’s occurred in your company since your last customer outreach. The developments you’ve quietly achieved while your customers were traveling is exactly what they want to learn today.

Telling your story is the first assignment. It helps define who you are, while drawing like-minded individuals into your network. Simple, bold communications that explain your unique experience and capabilities is the basis of an authentic brand. This isn’t focused on what you think people want to hear, but rather on the insights and opinions that make your company special. Taking a stand by staking a position is the basis of branding.

> Here are 5 critical considerations to help you craft your summer story, and make a great impression as we move into the final quarter of 2013:

1. Review Last Semester.

Now’s the time to acknowledge the accomplishments that make your company a better resource. Even small achievements could be big differentiators. Begin by listing all the changes you’ve made this year to your services, products and infrastructure, then rank them in order of significance.

2. Get a Haircut.

It’s probably time for some tidying up to keep your brand looking sharp. Consider what a fresh style could

do to to your appearance. Is it time for minor changes to the website, trade show booth, or printed collateral?

3. Shop for New Outfits.

Changes in fashion are important to acknowledge, and

this is the time to consider your company’s “wardrobe.” Making a great impression can be influenced by style, and your company identity might be ready for an update. Sometimes a small evolution is all that’s required. But if you haven’t been shopping in a long time, a total makeover could be what’s best.

4. Read the Syllabus.

Revisit your 2013 business strategies to remind yourself of what will be required to meet your objectives. Staying focused on executing the essential tactics will keep you on track. If you’re confused and don’t know the best approach, reach out to a tutor who can give you fresh perspective.

5. Adjust Your Schedule.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, this is your last chance to bring resources in to prepare for 4th quarter. It’s not too late to develop seasonal promotions that will maximize your revenue potential.

Heading back to school can be a little scary at first, but in the end it results in growth. Consider the relationships you’ll be developing as your brand continues to connect with customers, suppliers and investors. Except for a few bullies, most of your class will welcome you back. The truth is they’re just as scared as you are.

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