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Fulfillment Superstars

Rakuten Super Logistics is a third party logistics company with one of the largest networks in the US. They needed a way to set themselves apart from the competition and give their customers a reason to believe. We developed a new look, voice, and campaign strategy that positioned them to stand out from the crowd.




Rakuten SL
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Photography
  • Monthly Campaign
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Socia Media
  • Digital Ads
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RAK Brand Positioning Deck

Brand Positioning

The name Super Logistics wasn’t being utilized at all in RSL’s previous messaging. We decided to make SUPER a central part of RSL’s position: they’re Fulfillment Superstars. The position works for both company focused messaging (why they’re the best) and customer focused messaging (they’ll make their customers eCommerce superstars).

RAK Superstars


We launched a full scale digital marketing effort with a new social campaign every month across Instagram, Facebook, Google and RSL’s website. Each month, we focused on one of the unique differentiators to highlight why potential customers should choose RSL. We produced a photoshoot to create all original content for the social campaigns, bringing the company’s new look and feel to the world.

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RAK Web Landing Pages
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Brand Voice

We crafted a new tone of voice for RSL that was friendly and punchy to set them apart from the competition. After an in-depth peer review, we found that a strong brand voice would be something unique in the logistics sector, humanizing a service that is central to many business owners’ success.

Unique Differentiators

A major challenge facing RSL was that their potential customers didn’t know why they were better than any other logistics company. We renamed and reorganized their unique differentiators so they can communicate quickly and effectively. Previously called “service level agreements” we branded their accuracy and fast ship-time guarantees in a way that would grab eyes and resonate with eCommerce businesses by calling it the “Flawless or Free Guarantee.”

RAK Flaw Free
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