flux branding

Karen Maxwell

Karen is passionate about growth— creative, professional, and personal. She gets her creative inspiration from living every day in a mashup of Los Angeles’ natural splendor and the urban landscape around our DTLA studio. Her extensive experience traveling the globe, fused with a passion for art history and architecture, work like a headlamp that shines a clear path forward. An adventurer with an eye on the past, always on the prowl for what’s happening now, she knows where things are going next.

At Flux Branding, Karen is the spark of energy that elevates the creative bar higher. A quintessential beach girl who earned her stripes in the UCLA design department, she’s a true force of nature who transforms ideas into visuals that are a delight to behold. She is a passionate strategist, artist, and visionary who knows how to balance big-vision thinking with attention to detail. And although she might blush if you mention it, she has an excellent smile.

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