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How do we create amazing brands that change how companies look?

The truth is we don’t really create brands at all. We discover the brand that’s already there, but hasn’t yet been recognized and revealed. Then we simply make sure that brand is easily seen by everyone.

There’s still a lot of confusion about branding. So let me try to explain.

▪ Think of your brand as who you are. It’s your identity.

▪ Who you are doesn’t change, but will gradually grow over time.

▪ Regardless of how you appear, your identity remains consistent.

▪ Most importantly, your identity is the primary influencer of how you look.

This is why we always begin branding by understanding your authentic essence before we begin to create any visuals. By conducting an objective inquiry and recording our observations, answers emerge that are uniquely appropriate for you. By simply listening with an open mind, we are able to identify the true nature of who you are.

Then, with an identity clearly defined, we can create all the visuals that are a reflection of your brand. With this clarity, your logo, business cards, packaging, website and everything used to communicate your identity resonates consistently with who you are.

But sometimes companies attempt to adopt an identity they think their customers demand. This strategy is rarely successful. The effort required to maintain a false identity is exhausting and eventually cannot be sustained. Ultimately, the identity will return to a more accurate reflection of their true character.

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