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What’s Your Brand DNA?

It’s a molecule with a double-helix pattern that stores biological information. Scientifically speaking, your DNA is what makes you who (and what) you are. DNA does more than specify the structure and function of living things — it’s also the basis of heredity. When organisms reproduce, a portion of their DNA is passed along to their offspring. This transmission of DNA helps ensure a level of continuity from one generation to the next.

Your DNA is intrinsic. It cannot be changed. It functions naturally. It defines you.

Your Brand has DNA too.

Although it isn’t a chemical compound, it’s important to think of your brand in terms of an unalterable code that informs your identity. By starting with your brand DNA, you can reveal an authentic brand that’s easy to maintain.

Mapping DNA (genetic sequencing) is complex, requires advanced technologies, and special equipment. Analyzing your brand DNA is an equally sophisticated. But by working with a specialist, it’s possible to gain valuable insights into the “genetics” that are intrinsic to your company, product or service. Great brands begin with understanding these fundamentals. 

23andMe will test your DNA using a colorful kit you get in the mail. It’s a simple cheek swab, you collect a DNA sample that you send to their lab for analysis. According to MIT Technology Review, over 26 million people have taken at-home ancestry DNA tests

The process for determining brand DNA isn’t as simple, but it can uncover important characteristics that inform brand strategy. Our IDEA Method begins with Ignite, where we use our processes to discover your brand DNA.

Brand DNA helps reveal:

When it comes to crafting a great brand, your DNA is only part of the story. Other variables come into play, including “non-genetic” factors, such as market demand, competition, consumer attitudes and more. But an inner focus on what makes your company unique is imperative in revealing a brand that reflects who you really are.

The good news is that your brand DNA is only the foundation. You can evolve to overcome identified weaknesses through intelligent improvements. That’s a clear path to growth and transformation, opening opportunities to achieve every business objective.

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