Sy Kraft

Sy Kraft walks the talk. As he sees it, strategic branding is pinpointing the delicate balance between intention and perception. It’s a philosophy that guides him to find harmony— fitting things together in new ways that delight and inspire people.

Formerly a journalist with over 400 published articles, Sy spent decades as a student of the human condition. That experience informs his strategic insights. He knows when to trust intuition, and when to rely on data, research, and facts. His passion for leadership and experience with different cultures worldwide has earned the nickname “The Glue” because he really does help hold it all together.

Never satisfied with an easy answer; Sy’s passion for getting it right has guided him through over 20 years of collaborating with top-tier brands like General Motors, Microsoft, P&G, and Google. Currently, Sy lives in Los Angeles with two rescue pups, a few classic cars, and his motorcycle.