Top 5 Brand Benefits - FLUX Branding

What’s the value of a great brand?

The truth is, a great brand can affect valuation in several fundamental ways. Here’s a list of the top 5 branding benefits for commercial and retail real estate properties.

1) Drives higher REVENUES per unit

Branding distinguishes your property from the commodity retail centers competing for tenants. The best leases result from a strong negotiating position. A well branded property give you that opportunity. You’d expect to pay more at Westfield than a generic power center.

2) Increases PRIDE of ownership

Tenants who locate in branded centers follow suit with higher quality build-outs, which in turn fuel the brand in a positive fashion. Seasonal displays, captivating windows and event promotions all flow from this.

3) Develops a loyal band of FOLLOWERS

Successful branding build affinity with the developer, creating instant appeal for future projects in the pipeline. Where are you looking now to the most exciting new properties?

4) Cultivates SPIRIT within your organization

People are the ultimate key to your success as a business. Great branding reaches the hearts and souls of your employees, resulting in passion for the work they do everyday. Spirited organizations tend to be most efficient, and attract similar like minded individuals. Southwest Airlines is the poster child, that’s thriving amidst struggling airlines.

5) Adds EQUITY on the balance sheet

For many companies, the asset value of the brand can eclipse the book value of all their assets. Consider the value of Coke, Apple, or Chanel.

What are you doing to develop your brand? The simple measurement is an annual budget assigned for its care. If you’re relying on a graphic designer to steward your brand, it’s like relying on a plumber to manager a drywall project. Both are construction oriented, but a specialist gets the job done with the least risk.