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The Evolving State of the Gig Economy

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As we have all witnessed in the past few years, many jobs are shifting from conventional full-time positions to a freelance or per project basis. Companies large and small are now utilizing freelance specialists to meet the demands of their clients.

his is especially true in the communications industry. With so many graphic designers and web gurus running amok, agencies are now beginning to rely more on independent contractors.

Karen Maxwell of Flux Branding recently gave her two cents in an article with AdWeek regarding the use of on-demand talent in the ever-changing landscape of branding agencies.

FLX-03-09_FirstTuesday_Template_Artboard 11Maxwell and the team here at Flux Branding understands that augmenting their in-house team with on-demand specialists translates into better services for our clients. 

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Writer of the article Eric Schwartzman asks, “Is the agency of tomorrow a hybrid of full-time and on-demand talent? And what kind of full-time employees will thrive in this environment? Will it be those with solid remote workforce management skills? Will the best and the brightest creatives wind up earning more and enjoying more freedom?”

Find the answers here.

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