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Sweet Flower in the Arts District

Our studio has a long history of crafting brands for CBD and THC companies, which is why we were all excited when Sweet Flower opened its newest brick-and-mortar dispensary just a few blocks from the Flux office. This is the third location of the growing LA-based chain, with a fourth due to open in Westwood. The secret to their success is no secret at all. While the DTLA Arts District already has a wide range of dispensaries in operation, Sweet Flower sets itself apart via its minimalist style, ease of use, and welcoming atmosphere — all of which add up to a (pardon our pun) sweet shopping experience.

If you’re walking or driving down Mateo, it’s hard to miss Sweet Flower’s gleaming storefront in the sea of grey and brown. The immaculately-clean white exterior, with “Sweet Flower” painted in black block letters, emits an aura of hipster simplicity. An easy point of comparison is the MedMen dispensary brand, another “casual” weed shop, which openly riffs on the high-tech sheen of Apple Stores. But at Sweet Flower, the design is significantly warmer. Inside, you’ll find high ceilings, natural light, rustic-chic wood finishes, and a hoop chandelier that encompasses a pillar of greenery. It’s far more crafted and lo-fi than MedMen’s techno-sleekness.

After handing over your driver’s license or ID, you’re free to wander the dispensary. There’s no cramped waiting room, locking door, or bristling security cameras to make your experience feel vaguely illegal. Instead, the large street-facing windows and friendly staff make shopping for an edible or joint or vape as relaxing as buying a new pair of shoes.

Drift at will from display case to display case, where dark nuggets of weed are arranged like gemstones. Shelves along the side house an array of tinctures, oils, and other THC-adjacent goodies. The product selection is diverse, but relatively limited within each category. While this may be frustrating for choosy smokers, those with a willingness to try new things will enjoy the more curated offerings. Sweet Flower may be spacious, but it operates much more like a local boutique than a rapidly-expanding change.

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