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Step 4: Activate

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To activate the brand we leverage the new identity in communications and collateral that build awareness and motivate action.

As communications touchpoints continue to proliferate across digital, environmental, experiential and tactile mediums, the need for a well-crafted, consistent, intelligent expression of the brand is increasingly challenging. By relying on the deliverables from the preceding steps, it’s more likely that it can be achieved successfully.

What’s critical to understand now is that great branding isn’t the product of chance, it’s the result of thoughtful and strategic action. Take the time to understand how your agency works before jumping in with both feet. Once you leap, trust the experts you’ve selected. It’s a powerful experience.

Over the next four months, we’ll explore each phase of The IDEA Method in detail. I look forward to explaining the fine points of our powerful, effective methodology in this series of 5 essays.

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