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Corporate and product names.

Names are the basis for any identity. As people, we rely on our names for both legal and personal purposes. Naming is an important effort, personalizing a brand or product into a single word. With the help of the tagline, your name provides your audience with a sense of your brand identity from the moment they encounter your brand. As the first point of contact, a great name can pique interest, while a bad one can turn people away. Smart, distinctive names and taglines are essential assets in communications efforts.

Naming involves a fusion of art and science. The name must be memorable, musical and easy to pronounce. It must also be relevant to your unique selling principles. But finding a name that is legally available involves an analysis that includes trademark scans, internet search and URL availability. Our naming services work to reduce encumbrances and risk.

In all cases, we recommend consulting with a qualified Intellectual Property Attorney to fully qualify naming from a legal standpoint.

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