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Safe Water Now

The Solution is Clear.

SAFE Water Now is a U.S. non-profit providing expertise, services and resources to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water in Tanzania. The organization works in tandem with a local manufacturing partner that produces a high quality, yet affordable, household ceramic water filter. At a purchase price of only $40 USD, the filter produces sufficient safe drinking water for a family for 5 years.

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As a way to give back and help people find clean water, Flux Branding offered pro-bono creative services to improve their brand. We began with a simple cleanup of the visual identity and development of a key illustration graphic to explain how the filter works. That informed a new print brochure to support increased fundraising efforts. An improved website showcases cleaner photography and updated interface.

>Flux will is making a monthly donation to deliver a filter and training to a family in need every month.

Join us. Click here to make a donation today.

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