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We all love the outdoors and believe in environmental stewardship. On a Personal note, Jamie drives an electric car and has solar panels on the house. Even though we lives in LA with a daily commute we do our best to limit our carbon footprint this way.  

Working with our automotive clients that manufacture both new and remanufactured parts we have learned the benefits of sustainable manufacturing.  At Flux, we are interested in changing perception of quality and value from the take -make -waste paradigm to a more circular model through messaging that resonates in both the manufacturing industry and the consumer.

As a result of our work in the industry and a close relationship with Manufactured Again, a division of MERA, we headed to ReMaTec, the Global conference on remanufacturing. It was the 10th anniversary of the show held at RAI in Amsterdam. ReMaTec included lectures, industry awards, expert roundtable discussions and  most importantly critical face to face networking among industry professionals.

We talked with sustainable manufacturers  about new messaging strategies and the certification offered through Manufactured Again. At Flux, we understand the importance of a quality standard for remanufacturing. This is a critical component to  educating the consumer that “reman” is the same quality as new, with less waste. 

We are at a tipping point in the United States, consumer is beginning to understand the importance  of environmentally sustainable manufacturing to the planets long term health. This is quickly changing purchasing decisions. In Europe, this is obvious, were the desire to limit impact on the environment is in the daily vernacular; Europeans are years ahead of the US in planetary stewardship; there is no need to convince them that the climate is changing. 

Our goals are clear. Build messaging around sustainable manufacturing and promote a quality process through the Manufactured Again Certification so we can educate the consumer on the benefits of changing the take -make -waste paradigm.

It was great meeting both large and small sustainable manufacturers and related industry professionals from all over the globe. At the end of the first day ReMaTec invited all exhibitors to a reception with food and drinks- even a photo booth. Lots of networking and socializing. They handed out imported beer; Corona and had a DJ playing in a customized VW van. Felt like being back home in sunny SoCal.

All I needed was a surfboard.


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