flux branding

Reality & Impermanence

Change is the only constant.

This simple paradox is why we’re called Flux. Although I strive for stability, whenever I reach it it’s only temporary. Things are always evolving, resulting in a constantly shifting environment. Even though I find solid footing today, the landscape tomorrow isn’t formed yet. It’s just the way it is.

By embracing the inevitable impermanence of everything around us, it’s easier to stay optimistic. Rather than react with surprise when things change for better or worse, I’m starting to accept the unknown with anticipation. Knowing that things around me are impermanent, I’m better prepared to adapt.

As communications continue to accelerate, the pace of change is increasing too.

Brands are now providing some reliability amidst this constant state of change. Through consistent visual communication, thoughtful brand identity stands out by maintaining an easily recognizable appearance. Brands can act as beacons of permanence. But brands must also adapt in order to remain relevant. That requires acceptance of the changes that occur with honesty and candor.

What’s changed for you?

That’s the first question on my mind when I hear from a new client.

Happy First Tuesday.


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