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Positioning | The Heart of The Matter: Brand Positioning

Your brand position must set you apart, but it also has to be authentic to who you are

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Brand Positioning

We live in a time of brand explosion.

In today’s world, consumers have more choice, while businesses have more competition.

With more brands in the marketplace than ever before, developing a brand position is critical to long term success. Setting yourself apart from the pack is an essential part of your brand, and your market position should find the space where you can be number one. In order to be truly memorable, what differentiates you must also be real and authentic to your brand.

When They Zig, You Zag

You might hear that you’d be crazy to do something that hasn’t been done before. In branding, on the contrary, you’d be crazy to do something that has been done before. Find the open space in your market and fill it. Do you meet a need that hasn’t been met? Do you have an angle that hasn’t been taken? A plant can’t get any sun if too many trees are towering above it, so plant your seed outside of the forest and grow as tall as you can. Your unique brand position will set you apart from competitors and inspire recognition and loyalty from consumers.

Right on Trend

Tapping into an existing trend can also help your brand lift off. Brand loyalty is communal – a brand signifies a certain ”tribe,” and the brands you engage with speak to the lifestyle, interests, and personality traits you share with others. Aligning yourself with a budding trend can win you a solid consumer base right off the bat and gain your brand first mover advantage.

Speak from the Heart

Being first in the marketplace can be a huge asset, but it doesn’t guarantee long term success.  The brand that is the most successful is not the first in the marketplace, but the first in people’s minds. In our Brand Basics essay, we outlined the importance of authentic branding for authentic loyalty. What makes your brand special? What are you the only one of? Before you determine your brand position, a clear understanding of who you are and why you do what you do is necessary.

Differentiation is key to success in today’s cluttered market. But only authentically unique brands gain loyalty and longevity. We’ll help you develop the brand position that is most true to who you. Ready to discover your brand position? We’re experts at mining for brand gold. Let’s talk.

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