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Off the Street: Streetwear Aesthetics

Our recently complete project for Spotify Studios took inspiration from the cutting edge of fashion– streetwear.

We just completed a project for Spotify Studios, a new podcast and music production division of the streaming giant Spotify. And we wanted to share some branding examples that inspired our project.

Spotify Studios came to Flux Branding agency in Los Angeles to develop a collection of branded merchandise to celebrate their grand opening in DTLA. We came up with the concept of a capsule collection of hats, shirts, and jackets to be given to artists and collaborators.

In order to reflect Spotify Studios’ place as a leader in new sounds, we took inspiration from the cutting edge of fashion– streetwear.

This month on the blog, we’re featuring streetwear collaborations that make us think. While streetwear has fully entered into the high fashion space, with streetwear super-brands like Supreme collaborating with everyone from Tiffany’s to Louis Vuitton, we’re more interested in some of the less expected partnerships.

These branding collabs show the curious power of very different brands teaming up to make something great.

MTA Metro x Supreme


Supreme MetroCard

New York streetwear giant Supreme has collaborated with pretty much every name in high fashion. But one of their coolest partnerships? The New York subway system. The Metropolitan Transit Authority teamed up with Supreme to create metro cards with the Supreme logo and even a Supreme-branded train.

DHL x Vetements


DHL shirt as streetware

In 2015, Vetements, a high fashion brand inspired by streetwear aesthetics, broke the fashion world with a T-shirt featuring the DHL logo.

The collaboration, which grew to feature a whole line of shirts and sweatshirts, takes a kitsch, pop art perspective on the importance of brands in our everyday lives. Streetwear is all about taking what exists and remixing it in an unexpected way.

The Vetements x DHL collaboration certainly succeeds at that.

Ikea x Off White


Virgil Abloh Streetware

Off White, led by luxury streetwear visionary Virgil Abloh, teamed up with Ikea for an unexpected homewares collection. Featuring rugs with bold text warning you to “KEEP OFF” or one in the likeness of an Ikea receipt, the collection has a sense of the absurd and surreal that makes streetwear so interesting.

Streetwear is all about the unexpected.

These collaborations show just how far streetwear aesthetics have come– they’re not only in the luxury fashion space, but also integrated into brands that we use in our daily lives. Streetwear is clearly here to stay.

What’s your take on it?

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