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MERA is the Association for Sustainable Manufacturing. They are a non-profit advocacy organization that supports and promotes remanufacturing—an important, environmentally-friendly way of producing parts for the transportation industries.

Flux Branding was selected to develop an industry-wide certification mark that would help consumers identify high-quality products that are sustainable. The result is Manufactured Again Certification. It includes a new, 4-arrow pinwheel based on the familiar 3-arrow triangle of recycling.

Manufactured Again Certified Quality ProcessThe 4th arrow represents remanufacturing. The other three are: reduce, reuse, recycle. The benefits of remanufacturing is that it takes a lot less energy to produce a product when you’re able to reclaim components, especially the heavy castings and forgings in engine parts. By preserving the energy invested in those parts, you can save up to 91% of the energy required to produce a part for scratch.

Our creative campaign “Lead The Way” features black and white photography with green shoes. It’s a metaphor for walking the talk of sustainability and provides a recognizable visual cue.

We’re excited to be leading the way for sustainability!

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