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Inspired Design in the Desert

Traveling always gets our creative juices flowing

As creatives we are always looking for inspiration. Something that sparks an idea or makes us feel something profound. Eventhough inspiration can be found in our day to day world it is important to get out and explore. Last month we were fortunate to travel to Morocco and refill our creative cup with the sights, smells, tastes and people of North Africa.

Camels in desert

I have always loved  the Moroccan aesthetic. The Riads are beautiful and the the craft is amazing: traditional Berber rugs, amazing tile work, incredible leather goods, etched metal lamps, carved wood… it is endless. Sadly, these traditions are slowly disappearing. Fortunately the government stepped in to assist the artisans of Morocco by subsidizing cooperatives that make traditional items. Thank goodness, we would hate to see these traditions die or to be solely produced in China – which is already happening. Take a stroll through the Medina and shops have boxes in the back that say Made in China. So buyer beware.

Design Inspiration Rabat,Morocco

Design Inspiration Rabat,Morocco

We stayed in elaborate Riads with carved walls, and refurbished Kasbahs ( a traditional fortress that houses many families like a reinforced neighborhood).  We visited nomadic Berbers and stayed in a camp on the edge of the Sahara Desert. It was far to get to Erg Chebbi, a large sea of wind blown sand located on the far western edge of the Sahara Desert, but totally worth it.


Our Riad in Fes, Morocco. Lovingly resortored by amazing local Artisans.


Design inspiration in Dades Valley, Morocco
Dan Jnan Tioura Dades one of the most beautiful Dars ( Houses) I have seen. Beautiful after 12 years of restoration. the food was amazing as well.


Before I left for Morocco I thought that my favorite part would be seeing all the traditional architecture and colorful shopping Medinas. What I did not realize is that Morocco has a stunning landscape. A country of extremes. High Atlas Mountains, lush green farmland along the mediteranean, silent deserts next to a palm filled oasis.

Frame 4_Insense
Insence jars in Marakech


The bright color of Jardin de Marjorelle in Marrakech and our camp in the Sahara. Might have been one of our best meals.


Honestly, I found my greatest inspiration in the vast emptyness of the Sahara Desert. The Sahara is unlike anything I have ever seen. Waking up at dawn to watch the sun rise over Algeria was breathtaking. I hope some of these images can give a taste of this unique place and maybe inspire you to get out and explore.

Frame_10 Flux in desert
Jamie & Karen in Moroccan style at Erg Chebbi.

As a Branding Studio in Los Angles we love creativity and beauty  in all forms. We are always looking for inspiration and we found it in Morocco. Where would you like to explore next?  We’d love to know


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