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Inspiration: Drinking Up Design

Whether it’s romantic and whimsical, bold and modern, or historic and classic, there are so many ways to express who you are.

We think a lot about packaging here at Flux. Packaging is where design and brand experience come together at an individual scale, making it deeply personal and highly powerful for forging brand to consumer connection. A beautifully branded bottle is more than just an aesthetic choice. It forms an emotional connection that elevates the brand interaction from transaction to experience.

This month we’re talking about liquor labels. We’ve been known to cruise the spirits aisle just to check out the sheer variety of packaging. We love the power of these labels to tell a brand story in so few words and images.

The bottle is the brand ambassador– it needs to stand out to consumers, communicate the brand personality, and elicit a sense of reaction or affinity. That’s a huge job for a rectangle smaller than a postcard. It’s inspiring to see how much communication happens in such a confined space. Keep reading for some examples of labels that we love.


Mystical Spirit: A. Junod Absinthe


A.Junode label desigm

This stunning absinthe label draws upon turn of the century French botanical illustrations. Collaged together, the Belle Epoque aesthetic gets a poetic, surrealist twist. It tells the story of this mysterious drink, legendary for its hallucinogenic power. The design has a sense of magic and whimsy while still feeling sophisticated and enticing.


Minimal + Modern: Sorbo Tequila


Sorbo Tequila

Designed to stand out in the Tequila industry, this simple bottle design is totally unique. Contrasting to the vintage and distressed look of many other tequila brands, Sorbo uses bold lettering without any other motifs. The typeface has a bit of a retro, mid-century modern vibe that keeps it from feeling overly serious. It’s totally unexpected, communicating a sense of playfulness and modern purity that come together beautifully.

floating aejo


Drink to History: Hotel Tango


Hotel Tango is the nation’s first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery. They wanted their brand to emphasize their military roots while still appealing to a broad range of audiences. Their aesthetic plays with historic military posters and packaging for a look that’s both resonant with the brand story and interesting to non-military consumers. It’s a heritage vibe that doesn’t verge into kitsch, still feeling thoroughly modern.

collection hotel Tango

The variety of these liquor labels make it clear: brands come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s romantic and whimsical, bold and modern, or historic and classic, there are so many ways to express who you are. It’s all about finding the path that resonates with you and your customers. Ready to find out your true identity?

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