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Inspiration: Boutique Hotel Brands

Beautiful getaways we all want to take. Lets meet at the bar!

We’re thrilled to reveal a branding project we just finished for a boutique hotel: The Groveland, a historic hotel at the gateway to Yosemite. The new ownership of this 150 year old establishment needed a brand to support their forward thinking vision and appeal to a wider clientele, but they didn’t want to forget their historic roots. We built a brand that’s equal parts contemporary cool and classic California heritage. Check it out.

Since we’ve been crafting messaging, experiential design, and a full brand identity for The Groveland, we’ve been thinking a lot about hospitality brands that have a sense of place. This month on the blog, we’re talking about boutique hotels that express who and where they are at first glance. We’d love to stay at any of these spots.

El Cosmico
Marfa, Texas


El Cosmico


A collection of refurbished airstream trailers and decked-out tents in Marfa, Texas, El Cosmico is a boutique hotel that creates an atmosphere right away. We love the mystical, 70’s inspired motifs and colors. Their “Mananifesto” and culture of “Dolce Far Niente” are pieces of poetry that give you a sense of what it’s like to be there before you even arrive. It creates a desire to not only take a getaway, but step into a different state of being.


Teepee image


Sparrows Lodge
Palm Springs, California


Sparrows Lodge kitchen


This sweet boutique hotel in Palm Springs has a sense of whimsy. We love the illustrated motifs throughout the website, which give the brand a hand-made, personal touch. Simple but well crafted. Light earth tones reflect the desert landscape, and the tone gives a feeling of ease, simplicity, and laid back times in the sun.


Sparrows sign


Esme Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida


Esme Hotel Bar


Wonderfully eclectic, the Esme in Miami Beach uses rich jewel tones and delicate illustrations to nod to the property’s opulent past. With Art Deco motifs throughout the building and branding of this boutique hotel, it’s the perfect balance of grandeur and contemporary design, giving it a sense of history without feeling kitsch.


Esme jewel colors


The Iron Horse Hotel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Harley week


Milwaukee boutique hotel The Iron Horse has tons of personality. With a punchy voice and a big dose of hometown pride, you really feel like you’re seeing the city through the eyes of a local. We love brands with something to say, and The Iron Horse is speaking loud and clear.


Iron Horse lobby


Where would you like to stay next? Drop us a line and tell us about it.



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