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Over the last few issues of First Tuesday we’ve been discussing the complex series of analysis we perform in our minds, nearly instantaneously, when we “measure” the value of creative work. This process results in an opinion, and determines how we react to the materials we’re viewing.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series if you missed it.

>To summarize the theory:

• I believe it’s possible to document the analytical evaluations that anyone conducts (subconsciously) in measuring creative work to form an opinion and a corresponding reaction.

• A working knowledge of this framework can inform how new work is created, to increase the likelihood that it would be highly valued when observed by an audience.

• The framework combines personal analysis across 3 key areas, using a mathematical formula to compute a result.

Creative Equation - FLUX Branding

> Cv is Creative Value: Final result
> Iv is Intrinsic Value: Monetary worth
> Ev is the Expressive Value: Content included
> Pv is the Provocative Value: Challenge posedPart 3:



Creative efforts are driven by the need to communicate something– feelings, observations, commentary, aesthetics and more. Using some forme of artistic language, these creative conversations extend beyond the spoken word (in many cases) to leverage media, medium and metaphor for the purpose of expression.

This month we’ll explore 3 key considerations in determining Expressive Value, which relates directly to the conceptual nature of the work. Unlike Intrinsic Value, which is relatively predictable, Expressive Value is more subjective and relies on 3 measurable components: ConceptNarrative & Style.

1. Conceptual Framework Sliced Apple - FLUX Branding
The fundamental expressive content is the meaning contained within the work, or the messages driving the creator to act. This is the essential core for delivering communication through topics, imagery and morals inherent in the work, invested by the creator for the benefit of himself or the viewer. An evaluation of these messages form the first component of an overall measurement of Expressive Value.

High Value Messages: Critical. Opinionated. Intellectual…
Low Value Messages: Mundane. Irrelevant. Trite…

2. Narrative Framework Open Book - FLUX Branding
The delivery of the messages intended to communicate rely on some form of narrative framework. The choices made by the artist have tremendous impact on the viewer’s ability to comprehend the work, through the use of metaphor, storytelling, materials and metadata. The way the message is delivered is the second evaluative measurement for Expressive Value.

High Value Narrative: Clarity. Irony. Gesture. Representation…
Low Value Narrative: Confused. Hesitant. Rambling…

3. Stylistic Framework Frames - FLUX Branding
The selective use of stylistic canons for decorative or artistic references further positions the work for evaluation in the overall measurement of Expressive Value. Styles make direct historical references a period of prevailing thought, that creatives use as a mechanism to position the work within a historic context.

High Value Style: Avant Garde. Modernist. Decorative. Minimal…
Low Value Style: Chic. Fad. Novelty…I believe the formula for Expressive Value is calculated through an equation of these 3 variables as follows:

Expressive Value = Concept + {Narrative x Style}

This equation accounts for the fact that well-articulated work that employs strong stylistic references can have high expressive value, even if the conceptual framework isn’t the focus. That’s how American Apparel attracts consumers, Cadillac continues to resonate, and Red Bull transcends the beverage product category. Concepts need to be exceptional in respect to Style and Narrative, which amplify each other. But amazing concepts have tremendous power, and can eclipse everything when powerfully conceived. This is the nature of Expressive Value.

Now, let’s return to the original formula for Creative Value. In the final analysis, Expressive Value plays a huge role in the measurement of creativity. I believe that the concepts of Expressive and Provocative value are so powerful that their impacts multiply … as a result, they can easily outweigh Intrinsic Value. Which is why creativity isn’t measured based on monetary value systems alone.

Traditionally financial success has been used as a makeshift way of keeping score. But in the creative world some of the best artists, designers and creative minds have struggled to find financial rewards and failed miserably. The Framework for Creative Measurement takes into account the dynamic and complex analytics involved that go far beyond dollars.

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