Brand naming

It’s All in The Name

Naming needs to be a reflection of your identity/position.

Brand Naming

Is your name true to who you are?

Names and feelings are closely associated. The feelings associated with your name are part of the gut emotional response that defines your brand for your consumers, employees, and competitors.

Your name should reflect your brand identity and position. Whether you’re looking for a name as you build your business or are looking to rebrand after becoming established in your industry, here are some important factors to consider.

Not So Simple

All too often, executives want a name that is “clear”– a name that says exactly what they are. If they make sneakers, they want to call themselves Shoe Solutions. While your name should be true and authentic to your brand, often “super clear” names are the most boring. If you state exactly what you are but your name has no ring, it’s not a strong name – it has no sticking power in the cluttered market. The more practical and plain your name is, the higher the likelihood is that you will have competitors naming their company basically the same thing.  A short, sweet, and unique name is key. Who would you rather buy sneakers from – Shoe Solutions or Nike?

Keep It Going

A strong brand name is extendable, seamlessly working in all different kinds of branded content. Names that lend themselves to taglines and punchy copy are much more memorable than names that have to stand alone. If your brand name is authentic and speaks to who you are, it will feel natural to integrate it into branded communications. If the words associated with your name don’t feel true to you, it’s not right.

Protect Your Assets

You have a name that is true to your brand position, appropriate but not overly descriptive, easy to integrate into branded content, that’s fun to say and nice to hear. That’s great, but there’s one more crucial factor: encumbrance. Is your awesome name legally free and clear? Are there any other businesses, in your industry or beyond, with names that are too similar? Can you buy a URL? Because your web presence is where the vast majority of your audience will discover and interact with your brand, a solid URL with your name is a key factor in building brand identity.

A bad name can drag your brand down, but a good name can rapidly accelerate the brand building process. Any brand can become charismatic and memorable, starting with a clear brand position and a distinct brand name that stays true to that course. At Flux, we love getting to the heart of brands to find the name that reveals their true brilliance. See some of our projects here.

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