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New DTLA Eats: Hock + Hoof

A menu that represents the global  diversity of the city we love.

DTLA has become a beacon for young chefs. Some of the best restaurants in the city can be found here. At Flux we are so grateful to have experienced this food renaissace over the past 8 years starting with Baco Mercat, which was literally across the street from our first loft/office in the Historic Core, to being in the same building as The Factory Kitchen, our newest loft/office in the Arts District. With so many places to choose we are glad to see that the Historic Core is still opening up some amazing restaurants.

Our newest favorite is Hock + Hoof on Spring Street in the historic Alexandria Building. Just listed in the 2019 Michelin Guide, we’re in good company telling you that Hock + Hoof is something special. Owners Kat Hu and JustinYi, inspired by their travels, take classic dishes from around the globe and reimagine them using French culinary techniques to create innovative and artistic dishes. With a strong culinary background, Executive Chef Kat Hu creates dishes with an emphasis on carnivorous delights and Asian flavors. Kat’s dishes are unique and creative. Pair whatever you’re eating with one (or two) of their amazing cocktails. So refreshing in the DTLA summer heat.

While the food is classically prepared- chef Kats’ got major culinary skills –  The Hokkaido scallop Crudo with macadamia milk, grapefruit, sorrel, and puff rice is a must-have.  My other favorites are the Cod tempura, with nori, black vinegar, pepper salt and the Somen noodles with pork belly, almond, sesame, soy pickled shimeji. I will definitely be back for more.


The restaurant’s atmosphere is urban, modern, and relaxed. It’s an easily “go-to” place after work for drinks and small bites, especially if you live in the neighborhood. And it’s definitely worth the drive from the outer regions just to check out the urban scene and Hock + Hoof’s eclectic mix of flavors.

So, combine some Native American Fry Bread with Mexican Chicharrones and top it all off with Asian inspired Somen noodles with pork belly and you have a meal as diverse as the city we live in. That’s the point at Hock + Hoof.

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