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It’s the start of a new year; the beginning of the next calendar cycle. This is the time that I always “reset” business strategy, “review” successes, and “resolve” my commitments for the year ahead.

This act of taking a pause to recognize the change of a cycle is important.

These gaps are significant moments when it’s easier to see the truth. By detaching from regular behaviors and reactions, there’s a clarity that provides an opportunity for better insight. During those gaps, everything tends to be calm and stable. Common sense might suggest these are the times to rest, but they are actually the right time to prepare. Certainly, the next episode is ahead. Change is the only constant: technology, competition, markets are all evolving. These gaps are your best opportunity to get ready.

Consider this metaphor from three stages in meditation, which also creates a pause or gap in daily life.


After making the conscious decision to be still, let go of distractions and see things without emotional influence.


Being in a state of open-mindedness, become receptive to the creative energy of free-association.


As ideas begin to manifest, bring them into focus for action.

As we move into 2017, I’m planning to keep my attention tuned into the spaces between things. That’s where the clarity of creativity is resting.

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