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Share your world

Vistity is a fully hosted platform for anyone to create stunning virtual tours of destinations. This fast-growing tech company needed a way to explain their robust, unique offering quickly and effectively to investors and customers.



  • Positioning
  • Identity
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Naming
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Brand Strategy

Vistity knew that they had something great, but they were having trouble explaining it without a full-scale demo. After extensive market research and audience segmentation, we helped define their brand story. The story makes clear their why, and creates a sense of need and urgency for the product.


In our strategic research we found that one of Vistity’s major competitive differentiators was content curation: the ability to tell a guided story about your destination, rather than simply display everything on Google Maps. Because Vistity allows you to show people your place through your eyes, we came up with the concept and tagline “share your world.” Vistity lets anyone, anywhere, see from your point of view.

We developed a modern, tech-friendly look for Vistity, including brand colors, typography, custom icons, logo, and style guide. Shades of purple help the brand stand out in the tech sphere, while the logo mark combines the shape of a map pin with the letter v for a versatile and memorable element.


Because their platform offers incredible UX, imagery, and design, we crafted a website that focused on imparting that experience to potential customers. Clean, contemporary type, friendly illustrations, and engaging videos give a sense of ease and simplicity.