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Sun Rose Feature

The Sun Rose on Sunset.

Were you there?
The Pendry Hotel and Brightley Social Club needed a name for their new live music venue on Sunset Blvd. We developed a unique name and brand identity that nods to the long history of after-hours cool on this iconic street.


Combined Properties


The Sun Rose
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Logo
SunRose Logo

After a deep dive workshop with key stakeholders, we presented multiple name options inspired by the atmosphere and energy of the space. The Sun Rose was the clear winner– referencing both Sunset Blvd. and the feeling of watching the sun rise over the city as you return from an epic night out.

The name is alluring and sensual, carrying an air of night-time mystery. It’s romantic and edgy at the same time. We developed several different identity options, each playing on a facet of the name’s rich meaning and different visual cues associated with the Hollywood music scene.

The final logo features a stylized rose symbol and a modern font with a slight art-deco flair. A luxurious color palette with emerald, ruby, and gold accents feels classic and unexpected at the same time, playing on sunrise hues and the deep red and verdant green of a perfect rose.