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Revolos is an industry leader in vehicle service contracts, helping their customers stay on the road to success. They came to Flux for a strategic rebrand after a company roll up. We helped them turn a set of 3 fractured brands into a unified family.


Interstate National Dealer Services


  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website

Brand Positioning

We started with a brand position to establish the unifying parent brand. This manual made it clear to all Revolos employees and partners how the brand family worked– 3 sub brands, each speaking to their own audience, but unified under the tone, look, and language of the parent brand. In this way, we helped Revolos resolve their channel conflict while still maintaining brand equity and recognition across touchpoints.

Revolos_Brand Platform

We came up with the name revolos– playing on the idea of being both revolutionary and the revolutions of an engine. The tagline “service simplified” sums up what they’re all about. Revolos is here to help, and it’s easy to get coverage for whatever moves you.

Brand Identity

We crafted a brand identity for the parents brand and each of the sub brands. The use of similar typography with differing colors and logo marks ensures that each brand stands alone, but is always clearly tied into the larger brand family.


We also created the persona of “Milo” for Revolos’ customer platform. Milo is the personification of all the Revolos has to offer- he’s a friendly, helpful guide who helps customers with everything they need. The character brings personality and warmth to a sector that often feels detached and formal.

Revolos: Rebranding
Revolos_Color arch

Brand Collateral

For each sub brand, we took the unique look and messaging and carried it across branded collateral including brochures, info sheets, and more. It was essential to balance differentiation with unification to bring these brands together without confusing consumers. Our work on Revolos was so successful that the company was quickly sold as a single entity not long after the initial roll up.