Insuring all types of vehicles, Revolos keeps everyone smiling with service that's simplified.



Client: INDS

Revolos provides insurance for all types of vehicles, including cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles and more. Coverage is sold through qualified vehicle dealerships and financial institutions, and their mission is to keep their customers smiling. Flux was selected to re-vamp the brand, starting with a brand new website that gave the brand a simple, user-friendly vibe and a welcoming feeling. Competitive research and stakeholder interviews allowed access into the current state of affairs, and were instrumental in the next big step: creating a corporate standards manual including tagline, messaging strategy, logo, vision, and so much more. These key brand messaging tools serve as a baseline, a launching pad from which the company could take flight. Using a simple message, “service simplified”, Revolos is able to clearly articulate their many products and services without overwhelming potential customers.

Client Services

Competitive research
Materials audit
Stakeholder interviews
Customer survey
Empolyee survey
Executive workshops
Sales workshops
Ignite session: field visits
Vision book
Brand platform

Product portfolio
Brand portfolio
Brand ID
Digital ads
Corporate brochure

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