Art inspired community in DTLA



Client: The Wolff Company

When your home is a work of art. OLiVE DTLA is a multifamily project named for its location on Olive Street, simple and memorable.  Positioned to appeal to young, creative  urbanites, we created a visual language distinctly for them that expresses both peace and progressiveness. We coupled that identity with a highly successful PR launch campaign to select an Artist in Residence. For 6 months an artist lived on site rent free and received a monthly stipend to enhance the building with their style. Life and culture intersect. We held a global search and the campaign received national attention as it served to represent the burgeoning movement of developers and artists working together to bring life and culture to living spaces.

Client Services

Property Positioning
One Sheet
Leasing Folio
Leasing Sheets
Splash Page

Leasing Signage
Launch Campaign
Video Content
Artist-In-Residence Event

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