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Motorcar Parts of America is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket automotive components. Founded in 1968, this historic brand had grown through acquisitions and product expansions over the decades without a unified brand strategy. We created a comprehensive rebrand for their entire family of brands to help them break from the past and carry their history into the future.


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Motorcar Parts of America
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Standards
  • Brand Packaging & Collateral
  • Photography
  • Exhibits
  • Signage
  • Website


Corporate Brand

After a series of corporate challenges, MPA needed a reset– but they didn’t want to lose their existing mindshare with a full redesign. We crafted a repositioning that highlighted their history of domestic manufacturing and commitment to American excellence. MPA originally stood for Motorcar Parts and Accessories– we changed it to Motorcar Parts of America. With that shift, their red white and blue color took on emotional resonance.


We developed comprehensive custom product and lifestyle photography for a look that respected their past while bringing them firmly into the present. The look was developed across printed and experiential touchpoints.

MPA Red Line
MPA_Product Guide Cover
MPA_Product Guide Spreads

Brand Architecture

Within the MPA family were a host of brands that all needed distinct, channel specific strategies. We organized a coherent brand architecture, then developed an evolved visual and written language for each product brand across packaging, collateral, and web.

MPA_Brand Architecture
Pure Energy_PKG


We developed packaging for each product brand with the goal of differentiating their many offerings and making that variety clear to consumers. We ensured that the visual system for each brand would have enough flexibility to encompass a wide range of packaging while still maintaining cohesion.

Quality Built_PKG

Brand Collateral

PureEnergy BC
Quality Built_DETAIL
MPA_Innovation 1


We created custom signage in their North American headquarters to brand their new Innovation Center. An interactive space to bring their advanced technology and innovation to life for potential customers and partner- bringing the brand into the built environment.

MPA_Innovation 2
MPA_Innovation 3
MPA_Innovation 4

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